Integrated Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen Decor

The kitchens of hotels, restaurants and industries gave a very attractive to the homes of the current material: stainless steel. It is almost impossible to resist cleanability, durability, simple aesthetics and adaptability to any kind of decoration.

Integrated Stainless Steel in Your Kitchen Decor

Stainless steel speaks of design, hygiene (for lack of pores on its surface), practicality and technology. Here are key recommendations that you apply it and let your style shine.

How to use it?

Stainless steel is so versatile that he gives to everyone.

It may be that your House is large, ultramodern and technological; in this case, all the kitchen can go with steel coatings, including appliances.

If your space is rather small, or your style is contemporary, don’t use steel in all the kitchen, since it would not look in all its glory. For this case, or for minimalist kitchens, used furniture of other materials and neutral color, and that only cover the main work area and the sink are steel.

If your kitchen has finishes of colors bright or warm and traditional furniture wood, the refrigerator, the stove and appliances, all steel, can be the ideal complement and bring you latest fashion design.

How to light it?

To illuminate a stainless cookware should be very careful with the reflections, especially if metal does not have a Matt finish or if there are several applications of this material in the space.

Is that the general ceiling light from falling on the ground, and to illuminate countertops take hold of linear LED under the cabinets, such as the FLCDLED-12W/40.

Decorative buttresses placed in walls can also function as light support. These models mounted on metal, the TLF-1050/S (aluminum) and TLF-1060/B will be perfectly with the new industrial aesthetic of your kitchen.

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